Immediate response to small-value projects of 5 yen or less.WEB professional with a small turn

We are a company that provides our customers with the following three.

1. Response speed

If you have any inquiries,Reply within 1 business dayI will give it to you.We will give you an accurate answer immediately, including availability, delivery date, and budget.Please be assured that we will always respond with this sense of speed, not to mention when you request an urgent matter.

2. Quality and aftercare

So that you can make a request with peace of mind even if it is your first transaction,100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of our workI will.In addition, if defects or malfunctions are discovered after delivery,Free support for 90 days from the delivery completion dateI will do it.For more information,Services and feesPlease see the page.

3. Wide range of proposal capabilities

Abundant experience and knowledge of the latest technology that has been involved in the WEB industry since 2007Based on, we will make the best proposal.We provide strong content that is resistant to obsolescence and is competitive in times of rapid change.


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Business daily report

GK Shintaku believes that transparency is important.As a practice of that philosophy, the daily work contents are open to the public.

Ask for anything and respond smoothly

Have you ever been stumbled across the person in charge when you just wanted to ask for a small task?Have you ever been confused by an exaggerated and confusing story?

At Shintaku, WordPress customization, Shopify-based EC site creation and operation, new responsive website creation, smartphone optimization and renewal of existing websites, WEB page speedup / loading speed improvement, SEO measures, access analysis are all one-stop. We will respond with.Moreover, a clear fee system, uniform 1 hour 5,000Yen(Tax excluded)We will correspond with.Detail isServices and fees.

Free online consultation, free quote

Clear pricing, minimum 1 hour 5,000Yen(Tax excluded)It is available from.Feel free to start as a WEB professional you can rely onContact Us .