WEB professional

As of January 2021, 1, "WEB design companyIf you do a Google search with the keyword, 403,000,000 websites will be hit.In the ocean, we have the following three values ​​that we can provide to our customers.

1. The fastest

If you contact us, basicallyReply within 1 hourI will give it to you.We will give you an accurate answer immediately, including availability, delivery date, and budget.Please be assured that we will always respond with this sense of speed, not to mention when you request an urgent matter.

2. Polite and secure support that is close to the customer

We accept free inquiries by e-mail or online regarding requests for quotations and projects.In addition, if defects or defects are discovered after delivery,Free support for one year from the delivery completion dateI will do it.For more information,Services and feesPlease see the page of.

3. Proposal power of orders of magnitude

Based on his abundant experience in the WEB industry since 2007Inspiring content that will remain in the hearts of those who see itI will propose.In addition to WEB specialized books, we have been constantly studying more than 10 books per year, such as philosophy, history, and business books, for more than 100 years.We will create a website that conveys the charm of your company from a broad perspective that survives the rapidly changing times.


The latest news on web design work. WEB technical information, contemporary art, recently read books, etc.Blogto see the available categories of products and services.

Business daily report

GK Shintaku believes that transparency is important.As a practice of that philosophy, the daily work contents are open to the public.

Is the website open?

It has been said that the website is a salesman who never sleeps 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.And the WEB production company has a WEB sitecreateI have made that a living business.However, in the coming era, what is needed is a website.育 て るIs the idea.

It's meaningless if you don't see it

The reality is that it is difficult for customers to see old sites and pages that are not compatible with smartphones, even if the information is properly posted.In fact, when you visit a website and find it difficult to see or something different, you should have already pressed the back button.

GK Shintaku positions the delivery of the website as the starting point, and provides a wide range of solutions to the subsequent issues related to attracting customers. Even after the website is completed, it is possible to continuously take measures based on the numerical values ​​of access analysis and create the best condition together with the customer by trial and error.

Ask for anything and respond smoothly

Have you ever been stumbled across the person in charge when you just wanted to ask for something small?Have you ever been confused by an exaggerated and confusing story?

At GK Shintaku, from new creation of a completely smartphone-compatible website, smartphone optimization and renewal of existing websites, speeding up and loading speed of web pages, SEO measures, development of online shop sites, setting up blogs (WordPress), We provide one-stop support for SNS operation and access analysis.Moreover, a clear fee system, uniform 1 hour 4,000Yen(tax included).Year-roundWe will correspond with.Detail isServices and feesto see the available categories of products and services.

Free online consultation, free quote

Clear pricing, minimum 1 hour 4,000Yen(tax included)It is available from.Feel free to start as a WEB professional you can rely onContact Usplease have a look.