Company Name
Godo Kaisha Shintaku
Mutsuhito Shintaku
Tomoni Shintaku
1,000,000 yen
Headquarters: 4-14-5 Itsukaichi, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima
Netherlands Office: Geelvinckstraat 42, 1901 AJ Castricum, Netherlands
Business hours
17: 00-23: 00 Excluding weekends and holidays
Business Activities
Website planning, production, maintenance, renewal, EC site construction (Shopify, BASE, etc.), LP (landing page) production, banner production, SEO/SEM countermeasures, access analysis, UI/UX design in general, Android/iPhone application development , program development such as scraping
2021. 1, 25

SHINTAKU.About the logo

About SHINTAKU's logo design

Almost all programming languages, including HTML and CSS, are based on the alphabet and English.The same applies to Internet domains and URLs. Following that, our company, whose main business is the WEB, has expressed its real name, Shintaku, as SHINTAKU.However, even in an English-based world, Japan has a Japanese style and characters.

SHINTAKU logo image for web design and development

For example, the website of a certain luxury jewelry brand looks beautiful, but the source code on the back side (the part that is not visible to general users) is made contrary to it.On the other hand, at a famous bento chain store in Japan, the appearance is commonplace and unpretentious, but the source code is really neat and beautiful.I put the Japanese punctuation mark "." At the end of SHINTAKU with the meaning and spirit of finding such extremely Japanese jobs and places of failure and providing them to customers.


The beginning of the SHINTAKU

SHINTAKU has been in the IT industry since the dawn of the WEB in the 2000s, and started from a private business by Mutsuhito Shintaku, who has more than 2021 years of experience as a WEB designer, and was incorporated in 20.As a contemporary artist, Shintaku has been active in Tokyo, Singapore, Los Angeles and other countries for nearly XNUMX years, and has a good reputation for his innovative works and ideas. (

Talk scene at the opening of a contemporary art exhibition at Mutsuhito Shintaku's Tokyo Wonder Site

From art school to IT industry, to professionals with more than 10 years of web design experience

Born in Hiroshima Prefecture in 1982.Moved to Tokyo after graduating from art school in Fukuoka.I got involved and decided to enter the IT industry.I have been involved in web development and operation at multiple companies mainly in Tokyo for more than 2018 years, and since XNUMX I have gained experience at a local IT company for a full two years in Singapore and then a little less than two years in Los Angeles.

From office worker to freelance

In 2020, a new coronavirus pandemic will occur in everyone's memory.Working for a Japanese company in Los Angeles, I was ordered to work from home under the influence of a stay-at-home order issued throughout California.That was an opportunity to reconsider my life as an office worker.In an era when there is nothing certain, it seems natural to find a way that does not belong to a company.Many people around the world have lost their jobs due to the Corona disaster.It just happened that I didn't lose my job in that kind of industry, and it was just vague and uncertain luck.However, shouldn't we take advantage of this opportunity?With that in mind, I started a business.

Opening scene of an exhibition of contemporary art, mainly paintings, at an art gallery in the center of Singapore

One stop from planning to design, coding and implementation

Our business focuses on website design and development, as well as access analysis, SEO measures, SNS utilization, and web advertising operations.Godo Kaisha ShintakuWill propose measures that meet the customer's purpose, such as increasing sales and increasing good reviews.

A world where money doesn't say anything

It can be argued that the world of the WEB does not work as long as it costs money, and it is a best practice to earn popularity and trust little by little in good faith.Shintaku, a limited liability company, will create a website that maximizes and steadily brings out the appeal of your company while closely following the wishes of our customers.

Los Angeles homeless and Mutsuhito Shintaku laughing with their shoulders crossed

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