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It's been about a month since I started working as a freelance web designer.

People are very blessed, so this is not a pain.One million times more happy and fun than when I was an office worker.However, I want to confide only one problem.It is an estimate of the title.

Is that estimate a rip-off?

Most of the time it's not a rip-off..I feel that way largely because of the nature of the work of web design.For example, if it is a single eggplant, it costs 100 yen or so at the highest, and if it has a price of 1000 yen, anyone can understand that it is strange to think about it.

But WEB design is different.Some people hang their heads and say 1 yen, while others lie about 10 yen and it's easy.The difficult thing isBoth offer reasonable prices for the person or companyI'm saying that.

Of course, some of them are bad rip-offs.But just as there are more good people in the world, most people and traders must be good.So what is the price difference between heaven and earth?

There are various factors,Technical ability, proposal ability, service content, presence or absence of after-sales follow-upOr it may be the power relationship between the supplier and the supplier.

Estimate mechanism

There are roughly two types of estimation methods for web design. It is either "page unit price" or "hourly unit price".in short,How to calculate by ○ yen per page or by the time it takes to create that page x hourly wage.

Both have advantages and disadvantages, but let's replace them with other industries.

If you are a ramen shop, you can choose the page unit price method.If a bowl of ramen is 800 yen, it must always be 800 yen.If this is an hourly rate method, it took twice as long to prepare the soup today, so the price would be doubled to 1600 yen.No one will go to such a ramen shop.

On the contrary, there are some jobs that have to be hourly.If the massage shop had a page unit price system, it would be confusing and unavoidable.The shoulders are ○ yen, the waist is ○ yen, and the neck is ○ yen. Just calculating the total amount makes my head hurt.That is why we set the price as ○ yen for 1 hour and provide as much as possible within that time.

WEB design is the market price

A homepage that was made 100 years ago for 30 million yen can now be completed for XNUMX yen.It may be due to the maturity of the industry itself and price competition, but it is largely due to technological innovation.Nowadays, anyone can easily start a blog, but it used to be something that ordinary people couldn't afford.

Far from blogging, there are now many services such as Wix and Jimdo that anyone can easily create a homepage for free.You can use it for that, but there is one thing to note.That kind of service can also be used by professional vendorsI'm saying that.Of course, it can be used better and more efficiently than an amateur.

Production companies that are too cheap are an extension of that kind of free service.It is no exaggeration to say that.It's okay to ask a vendor, but it can be as good as a data entry agent.

We, SHINTAKU.The price offered by is not so cheap.However, to be honest, it would be a problem if you could simply compare the prices with those vendors.because,The vendors mentioned above only handle each project as a mere task, and do not propose a better plan or offer aftercare or growth strategy after delivery.The body.

If you deal with it purely as a work, even if there are obvious typographical errors or omissions in the materials and materials provided by the customer, or images that do not fit the context, you can just mechanically pour them in and finish.A price that is not worth the price if you point out and make suggestions one by oneIt is.It is common in the world that there is a reason for the price of any item or item.

Value of WEB producers

Technological innovation will continue to progress.Everything will be easier, faster and cheaper.ThereforeThe significance of the existence of professionals is to propose the optimal plan with comprehensive knowledge and technology.Exhausted.

An era where anyone can make something that looks just like thatIt is.Therefore, what we professionals should do is not just to make it, but to show the means and the way to achieve the customer's purpose-attracting customers, increasing sales, raising awareness, etc.

Those who can't do that will disappear.But if you can do that, you will survive.becauseWhen a customer makes a profit, it means that the customer can get the price paid to the vendor.But it is also.If it turns well, it will be in a so-called win-win state and will naturally draw a growth curve.

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