Cross-Border EC & Overseas Sales Strategy Guidebook (Wataru Sato/Gijutsuhyoronsha)

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I myself am currently living overseas, and I have a lot of overseas experience in my career, but that does not mean that I can easily operate a cross-border EC site.

First of all, an EC site should be thought of as a "virtual shop."And cross-border e-commerce sites should be thought of as the same thing as opening a physical store in the local area.If you do so, you will realize that it is natural to localize to match nature and the place, and to know the characteristics, preferences, and culture of the people who live there.

This book is full of knowledge that is close to the culture gap, like when you first lived abroad.If you read this, at least you should be able to avoid the stupidity of developing cross-border e-commerce sites as an extension of Japanese e-commerce sites.

Especially in the United States, it is common to pay with a credit card when purchasing products.However, when purchasing products from overseas sites other than their home country, many Americans are reluctant to enter their credit card information directly on the payment screen of the e-commerce site at the time of payment. (Omitted) There is an online payment service.This is a service that intervenes between the party paying the charge and the party receiving the charge, and the greatest advantage is that the product can be purchased without transmitting the credit card information to the site where the purchase was made.Typical services include PayPal, Stripe, and Alipay for China.In Japan, it is still common to enter credit card information directly into the EC site, but the situation in the world is different.

17 tracks ( is a service that collaborates with shipping companies in over 170 countries and allows you to check the status of tracking numbers all at once.This is recommended if you find it troublesome to look up information on the Japan Post website introduced earlier.

Product descriptions should be simple and easy to understand.In Japan, as symbolized by Rakuten Ichiba, there are many products with long descriptions on product pages, but overseas there are almost no such product introduction pages.Keep in mind that you should write the necessary information in an easy-to-understand manner using the minimum number of words necessary.