First cross-border EC / overseas web marketing (Yuki Tokuda / WAVE Shuppan)

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Since I had a consultation about building a cross-border EC site, I got some advice for Matomo.

Not only the methodology of site construction, but also the cultural differences between Japan and overseas, marketing and legal related areas, and it is wonderful to be able to really grasp what a cross-border EC site is with this one book.

It is important to keep in mind that the world is not so sweet that you can take the products sold in Japan as they are overseas and sell them.You should work with the intention of recreating the product from scratch.

A common example of NG in cross-border EC is to create categories with ambiguous themes such as "spring" and "ya".Not to mention that there is no search need, it is not possible to go around because there is no image of what kind of products are lined up.

What is often overlooked is the meaning of local words.For example, the car "Laputa" released by Mazda in the past meant "LaPuta = prostitute" in Spanish.For words that sound like vulgar or slang, rethink your brand name.It's best to ask the locals in advance, but you can also do a minimum check by changing the Google settings to the relevant country / language, then performing a keyword search, image search, or looking up a slang dictionary. .. (Omitted) Furthermore, it is necessary to pay attention to the combination.For example, "orange and purple" is reminiscent of pumpkins and nights and ghosts (= Halloween) in Western countries, and reminiscent of orange marigold and purple-decorated skulls (= Day of the Dead) in Mexico. ..

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