Dream harassment Adults hunting down young people with "dreams" (Takabe Daikan / East Press)

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Since childhood, I have a dream.It doesn't matter if it's a picture, a sentence, or anything else, it's a dream that will remain in history.

So honestly, I don't understand the feelings of people who have no dreams.

I'm accused of having a dream

Having a dream for someone who has no dream is a type of harassmentSo, this book named it "Dream Harassment".

When you think about it, not everyone was born in this world by begging their parents to "because they have a dream that they want to fulfill."The dream is "usually not".

I don't know.but,The world is full of harassment in the first place..I don't want to work anyway, all the time, but the world is noisy to earn money and fulfill my responsibilities as an adult.

this isIsn't it "work harassment"?You should have the freedom not to work..But nowadays, there is no option to not work.

Everyone is selfish

Some are forced to have dreams and are suffering.I understand it well.But the reality is that the world isLove the opposite sex, get married, have children, earn more, and countless harassment snowdriftsIt is.

Do not overestimate.In the field of counseling, this is a technique called "non-evaluation." (Omitted) There are many educators who like Isoroku Yamamoto's theory of human resource development, "Do it," but if you look closely, it shows the importance of non-evaluation. "If you don't do it, tell it, let it do, and praise it, people will move. If you don't discuss, listen, approve, and leave it to them, people won't grow up. Thank you for what you're doing. If you don't watch over and trust, people won't bear fruit. " 

Like I raised earlierIn this world of serious harassment, "dream harassment" is too naive.Am I the only one who thinks that?

Whether you have a dream or not, it doesn't matter.Almost every adult says it's just the top of a shallow, flat top.It's only natural that anyone will realize that when they are adolescents.

If an adult tells you to have a dream there, you can just shut up and leave it as an idiot.

A dream that rots if forced

Dreams are like free love..Even if someone tells you to love someone, it doesn't make you feel like it.

The fact is that adults are using their dreams as a tool because they want to do their best in the things in front of them. (Omitted) The dream tooling is clearly reflected in the following comment by the principal of a prefectural high school. "Current students do not have the stance of trying hard in front of them or here for the time being. Without the purpose or reason of" for what ", they cannot do their best in front of them and are not motivated. It's hard to find the reason. "Have a dream" is a painstaking measure to keep children doing their best in front of them even in such a situation. "

Only when you fall in love voluntarily or accidentally will love be worth it.Forced it is just trafficking.

No one likes or loves it.That's no problem at allHowever, if you forcibly obey the demands of the world, you will kill yourself and eventually you will lose your life.

It's best not to have to deal with the hardships of color love.At least I think I should have spent that time on more productive things this time.Love gets tired.And dreams get more tired.

I tell young people.Don't dream if you make a mistake.But this is also the same as love,The more you try to avoid it, the more it hits you from the other sideBut also.

At that time, I have no choice but to make up my mind and shake my life.Give up on your destiny, agonize yourself, and die exhausted.