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Drucker is famous as "the god of management", but he is also called "futurist".

It seems that he himself denies the name, but as he studies the economy and the future of money, the future may come to light.

I don't know what you are selling

Greengrocers sell vegetables, fish stores sell fish, and butchers sell meat.Customers buy them, but do they really want the thing itself?

"It's rare for a customer to buy what a company thinks it sells," Drucker said in "Creating Managers."We must never forget this sentence.What customers are buying is "solving dissatisfaction and inconvenience," "satisfying shortages," and "solving problems," and products and services are just the means to solve those problems.

At the extreme, it's possible that customers are aware of the plight of a store that is about to collapse and are buying something they don't want with a fundraising feel.

Whether it's a seller or a maker,I rarely know the essence of the value of the things I handleIt is.

The bottom of the sea in the red ocean is blue

By the time something starts to catch on, it's already overYou should think.

At least, it must have been clearer than looking at the fire that the tapioca drink shop, which was like a bamboo shoot after the rain, would definitely drown if it was tackled head-on.

The important thing in starting a business alone is not to get involved in price competition.Once you let go of the pricing initiative, the market is at the mercy of management.The reason why subcontracting work feels cramped and inconvenient is that the pre-determined budget limits the freedom and options of management.This is also the reason why it is said that pricing is management.So how can you take the initiative in pricing?One answer is to secure an "exclusive position" as the market size can be small.In this document, the fact that the state is secured and maintained is called "individualization".

If a big company can make a profit with low profit and high sales, never get on the trend in small business.

Rather, it is necessary to create a fashion by yourself or to thoroughly target and monopolize niche needs.

Is it the one and only original?

Today, almost all of the product value is side by side, and commoditization (individualization of products and services) is progressing.

If you think about the smartphone market these days, you can see it.From the user's point of viewThere is only a distinction between iPhone and othersIsn't it?

The simplest and strongest way to reveal your "strengths" is to "listen to your customers." (Omitted) A tax accountant said, "My strength is consulting ability."However, when I actually talked to the customer, he said, "Whenever I call, I will answer immediately. I am relieved of the speed."In this way, "strengths recognized by oneself" and "strengths recognized by customers" often do not match.

Drucker says that "most of the successful innovations are mediocre," but the person who caused the mediocre innovation is undoubtedly extraordinary.

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