Any receipt can be dropped at an expense (Daijiro Omura / Chuokoron-Shinsha)

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What is an expense and what is not an expense?This is probably not afraid of misunderstandingWhether you speak well or notI feel like.

Just the tax is coming

Speaking of where the tax comes from and where it goes, it can be said that it is a local government, but it is still the master Hinomaru.

If you make too much profit, you will be taxed more than you think.Nothing is more ridiculous than taxes for business management.It's not cost-effective at all.In particular, even if you pay taxes to the current Japanese government, it will not only be useful to society, but will only harm it.It's definitely better to use it for something else than to pay taxes.

Anyone who wants to pay taxes seriously, or more, may be a true patriot.

The country cannot know your friends and acquaintances

Speaking of expenses, entertainment expensesWill.

The story of whether the eating and drinking is a friend or a jobHowever, such a thing is not a machine, and it is not so easy to draw a line.

Entertainment expenses are "entertainment expenses related to the business of a company".It is not limited to business partners.Entertainment expenses can also be used for those who may do business in the future, those who are likely to provide business information, company employees and subcontractors.It can be said that it is a fairly wide range.Not only special people such as business partners, but also ordinary office workers or just acquaintances from old times can be fully targeted for "entertainment and dating".Even ordinary office workers are very familiar with the industry of their own company.It can be useful for business in some way.If the information that the other party has and your business are well linked, the food and drink expenses will be well established as "entertainment expenses".

Think about in-house romance.If I had a job consultation on the way home from the meeting, I would eventually fall in love.The person in question cannot tell where the expenses come from and where the private expenses come from.

There is no way for a tax officer to judge whether or not to speak it once a year.

Thinking that way,The title of this book, "All receipts can be dropped at an expense," seems provocative and only says the obvious.Isn't it?

Honesty and taxes

It is foolish to understand that taxes are required to operate local governments and countries.

However, when I hear the following popular words,After all, it is the common people who are honest to see stupidIt makes me wonder.

In the tax world, there is a slang term "togoo sanpin".This means that while salaried workers can capture 10% of their income, self-employed people can capture XNUMX%, farmers XNUMX%, and politicians only XNUMX%.

However, if My Number Card becomes widespread in the future, the capture rate may approach 100% as much as possible.Still, it looks like cash and the bottom of the sleeve will be immortal.

Anyway, as a person who runs a company in a twisted way, I can't help but openly profess that I'm reading a book like this, but that's my philosophy.In other words, basically, I'm sorry if I don't afraid to announce anything.

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