Introduction to front-end development Professional development tools and design/implementation (Ryo Adachi (Author), Satoshi Takeda (Author) / Shuwa System)

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Honestly, it's a level I can't keep up with anymore.This book is packed with so many topics and deep knowledge that I wonder how many people can understand everything and apply it to their work.

However, even if you don't understand everything, there is no loss in knowing how to deal with various problems and the tools you should use.Above all, there are many cases in business where you don't know what to do and how to proceed, so even just one more idea to explore the direction is worth it.

Negative opinions began to emerge about the fact that trends are changing rapidly and that a lot of prerequisite knowledge is required during development.Words such as JavaScript/Front-End Fatigue (= Front-End Fatigue) have started to be whispered around the world, and there are engineers who are concerned about the speed of evolution.

I'm at a loss as to how to deal with huge files, but it's quite a difficult problem.As a dynamic solution to this problem, there is a method of extracting only the CSS necessary for initial rendering. A Node.js tool called Critical writes inline the necessary CSS for the initial rendering area of ​​the browser.Other styles can be loaded asynchronously to reduce the number of steps in the critical rendering path.

It is valuable to release safely and reliably and to deliver high-quality services to users. The odds of it not happening are not zero.The important thing is to release a system that continues to operate without stopping it, so to speak, in the situation where we repair the aircraft and add functions while flying in the air, we need a mechanism to detect failures and problems in real time. increase.