Introduction to the latest front-end technology for smoothly learning React Angular Vue (Akira Suetsugu/Nikkei BP)

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A book that provides an easy-to-understand overview of the latest front-end technology that even non-engineer directors should know.

Even if you can't write the code, just knowing it should expand the range of suggestions.

Difference between framework and library
The difference between the two is not strictly defined.In the field of development, they are often used without distinction. It is called "a framework that has many functions, and a library that has few functions", or "a framework uses code created by the user from the framework side, and a library is one that allows users to call functions freely". and the distinction is ambiguous.In this book, front-end application frameworks (React, Angular, Vue) are called "frameworks", and others are called "libraries".

The framework uses a mechanism called "virtual DOM" to abstract and centralize the entire page.Therefore, when using a framework, if you directly manipulate the elements in the page without going through the framework, there is a risk of display problems.If there are no particular circumstances, it is recommended that the UI library and graphic library that operate the display are compatible with the framework to be used.For example, without using Bootstrap directly, select 'React Bootstrap' for React, 'ng-bootstrap' for Angular, and 'Bootstrap Vue' for Vue.

1. Use HTTPS or HTTP
2. Exchange data in JSON format
3. Specify the target data of the request in the URL
4.Specify the type of processing in the HTTP method
Web APIs created according to these rules are called [RESTful API] or [REST-API]. Many companies such as Google and AWS (Amazon Web Service) provide REST-API.
"REST" is a principle for exchanging data between systems, not a specification.However, recently, WebAPI influenced by the idea is often called REST-API.This document also uses the term REST as a synonym for REST-API.