New standard rules for web direction Revised 2nd edition Latest workflow and management to improve on-site efficiency (Katsutaro Sakaeda (Author), Masaya Kishi (Author), Yohei Takikawa (Author), Minoru Tanaka (Author) / MDN Corporation (MdN))

Book Web Direction New Standard Rule Revised 2nd Edition Latest Workflow and Management to Improve On-Site Efficiency (Katsutaro Sakaeda (Author), Masaya Kishi (Author), Yohei Takigawa (Author), Minoru Tanaka (Author) / MDN Cover image of "Corporation (MdN))"

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This is a must-read book considering the current situation where my work is the main direction.

If you are a freelancer who moves your hands and manages your schedule yourself, you may need to consider progress management and motivation, but people do not move easily.

Just handing over the instructions will never complete it.That's why I realized again that direction is necessary.

Correctly evaluate what the programmer said, "I'm writing the code for this function now", or find out only the essence of the deliverables that are about 50% complete by the designer, and help the final deliverables. If you can't instruct them to become, there is no point in managing them in the first place.For example, can you trust a web director who is a designer and just asks "How is it?" And "What percentage are you doing?" The important role of the director

The people who show the proposal are mainly the management who is busy with work and the person who has the right to make decisions.When telling things to such a person, it is better to be able to speculate on the details immediately by looking at the title and visuals rather than writing in detail.Keep the wording concise and minimize the data as long as it conveys that changes are occurring.

Many web directors may be able to code HTML, write simple PHP, and design in Photoshop.However, since I got a job as a web director, I want to try not to move my hands as much as possible.The work of moving the hand and the direction are essentially different things, and when you start moving your hand, you are immersed in it and the direction is definitely sparse.I understand my feelings, but it is important to create a system that keeps my hands as stable as possible by stocking a lot of external staff connections on a daily basis in case of an emergency.