Online course starting with Teachable: Increase sales by automating your business! (Kamiide ​​Candy / Kindle Publishing (KDP))

Online course starting with the book Teachable: Increase sales by automating your business! (Kamiide ​​Candy / Kindle Publishing (KDP)) ”cover image

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There is a possibility that Teachable construction projects will come in regularly in the future, so when I searched for a good book, I found a book (everything depends on books for the time being).

I started reading with no knowledge of Teachable, but in less than an hour it became "I see."

Of course, it is necessary to dig deeper, but if you are planning to build a Teachable site from now on, it is a good book to read for the time being.

Since Teachable is completed with one system from application to video viewing and payment, an automation mechanism can be created. <Functions provided in Teachable> -Member management function (name / email address) -Watching videos (double-speed viewing is also possible) -Viewing and downloading other teaching materials (PDF, Excel files, etc.)-Payment function (collective / split / split / Subscribing) ・ Reservation function for individual consultation In addition, there are convenient functions such as issuing coupons and selling a combination of courses.

Teachable = Platform dedicated to online schools
Kajabi = Online school + Email delivery system + Marketing system

When selling a course of 10 yen, there is a difference of about 5000 yen between the Basic and Pro plans.For those who sell more than 20 yen every month, the transaction fee alone will be 10,000 yen, so the Pro plan will be cheaper if you calculate in total.Even those who pay less than 20 yen every month will be able to use the functions of the Pro plan, so if you have a sales amount of 10 yen or more, consider the Pro plan as well.