The work of others and the work of myself

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Until now, everything in wage labor has been strangers.This is because the salary basically does not change no matter how hard you try or not.

However, spend 8 hours every day properly.That was my job.So I don't do any troublesome things.Escalate to outsourcing and others, saying it's difficult, time consuming, or unlikely to be possible.That was the way I worked.

Working as my own thing

If I'm going to work independently and as a freelancer, I can't say that.You have to handle and solve every problem yourself.If you try to move your work somewhere easily, you will lose your share.It's a matter of life and death.In other words, the work becomes real as "my own thing" and "my responsibility".

I don't hate responsibility

Many people dislike taking responsibility and taking responsibility.But unexpectedly, I don't think I hate the responsibility.This work must be done by me, who is not anyone else.When I think about it, I get the motivation to do it even if I am willing to do it.I'm glad that for me, the source of that motivation doesn't seem to be direct money.Isn't it an exaggeration to say that it is more fundamental joy of labor for human beings than money?

I only want to do my own things

The life of an office worker is basically to handle the work brought by others well.Even if I don't do it, there is someone else.So, to put it bluntly, it's better to "parry" properly as a reward for labor.Therefore, I try not to touch it as much as possible, and encourage someone to do it.It's no wonder that it's called the art of treatment.However, such a way of life, which makes money, is very dry and boring.

I only want to do what I want to do

To work as one's own thing is to work independently.No one directs me, I feel, think, think, and do what I want to do.It seems that he has a high-ranking ideal, but in fact, play for children has already traced this step perfectly.From the time everyone was born, they can only do what they want to do, and they can't do it.

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