The easiest quantum computer textbook The latest technology that the world is paying attention to taught by popular lecturers (Yuichiro Minato / Impress)

Book The easiest quantum computer textbook The cover image of "The latest technology (Yuichiro Minato / Impress) that the world is paying attention to, taught by popular teachers"

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Far from the quantum computer, I started reading in the state of the quantum itself, but there was something that I could understand to a certain extent.The important thing is that the mechanism itself is fundamentally different from conventional computers.

In the first place, it was completely new to me that quantum computers are open to the public in the cloud at this point.If quantum computers are already in the so-called open source state, revolutionary innovation will soon occur.A book that makes you feel like preparing for the future.

It is important to note that as long as you are performing the same operations as a conventional computer, you cannot expect speedup even if you use a quantum computer.Rather, traditional computers will be able to produce faster results due to the better hardware.In other words, there is almost no point in using a quantum computer.

The number of bits is like the size of a bucket that holds water.If you use a large bucket, you can pump out a lot of water in a small number of times.If you use a computer with a similarly large number of bits, you can perform large calculations with a small number of times.

He explained that entanglement associates the quantum states of multiple qubits.If one is 1, the other is 1, and if one is 0, the other is 0, and so on, the state of one determines the state of the other.Curiously, the entanglement is preserved no matter how far the quanta are separated."Quantum teleportation" utilizes this property.If you send a quantum to a remote location while causing entanglement, changing the quantum state of one will instantly transmit it to the other.Research on using this phenomenon for communication is underway in various places.

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