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It's been less than half a year since I started a corporation this year.As a single president, I had a lot to gain.It seems that if you get a title like "President", you will want to get angry.Regardless of the size of the company, others are others, and I want to work with me without blurring.

It was during the growth period that it made sense for the company to grow naturally and to grow.The growth period is over, so we must keep in mind not to grow the company.

From now on, it will be important for you to do what you are good at and love all the time. It is no exaggeration to say that in the future where AI, robots, and machines will play an active role, that is the only way to survive.Making a company bigger and having a lot of employees means that we are moving toward standardizing uniform work.That means moving towards what robots and AI are good at.As a result, the job itself is more likely to disappear. If you do the work that only you can do and the things you like that you can do forever, you will not be caught in the wave of mechanization.

Let's also try to maximize "intangible assets".Of course, it is better to have tangible assets such as money and real estate, but it is very important to have intangible assets.Typical examples of intangible assets are credit, knowledge, wisdom, and friends.With these, it may be possible to turn positive, even if your net worth is Minas.If you have the knowledge and wisdom, you can use it to do business and earn money, or you may be able to get help from a friend.

As defined in "Parkinson's Second Law," the amount of work expands until it meets a given amount of time.I am convinced that if you are told to do the work you are doing in 5 days in 3 days, you will often be able to proceed with the work without waste.In order to limit work, it is really important to "separate time".You decide the end time of your daily work.

I wondered what Parkinson's law was, so I looked it up.

Parkinson's Law "The Economist" 1955
Work expands as much as there is time available for it.
Parkinson's Second Law "Law and Profit" 1960
Expenditure expands to full income.
Parkinson's Third Law "The Lawyers and Outlaws" 1962
As it grows, it becomes more complex, and as it becomes more complex, it declines.
Parkinson's Fourth Law "Law of Delay" 1971
Delay is the most severe refusal.

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