[2021 latest version] SEO measures master guide: Japan's most detailed Google, Bing SEO measures and algorithms complete guidebook: SEO-friendly blog writing and all SEO writing blog series to improve customer attraction (Apollo / Blue Point Publishing)

Book [2021 latest version] SEO measures master guide: Japan's most detailed Google, Bing SEO measures and complete guidebook of algorithms Book: SEO-friendly blog writing method ・ All about SEO writing that improves the ability to attract customers Blog series (Apollo / Blue Point) Publication) ”cover image

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It's been a few years since the SEO measures for small hands have already become invalid.That tendency will continue to grow.

In addition to basic SEO measures, this book is widely introduced including the latest knowledge of overseas SEO.

It's not something you can read and remember, but if you keep the basics in mind, you don't have to memorize everything.In other words, "is the content good for humans (self)?"

If you review the text, images, layout, and loading speed with that thought, you should naturally see what to improve and how to improve it.

Other indicators of quality content include:
● The page display speed is fast
● It has a user-friendly design (regardless of the terminal)
● No grammatical mistakes or typographical errors
● Text information (Alt text and scripts) is attached to images and videos.

From now on, the expertise of the person who wrote the article will be checked.Until now, only the specialty of the site was emphasized, but it also becomes important to "who wrote the article". Quality Rater looks up the profile and biography of the article author with a search engine.It is also effective to put an anchor text on the name of the article poster and skip it to the author's profile page in case this index is adopted as an algorithm in the future.

I want to keep the URL naming criteria down.There are some crowdsourcing workers who submit with the default Japanese URL setting mom, but I think it is out of the question.

● Include keywords
● Make it a short URL
● Avoid Japanese URLs
● Be careful when using subdomains
● Use hyphens (-) or underscores (_) to separate characters
● URL is written in lowercase
By the way, it is now said that it is more important to shorten the URL than to include the keyword.Please note that excessive keyword matching (Exact match) such as the same URL as the product name will be subject to a penalty.Japanese URLs are garbled and become very long URLs, so be sure to write them in English.Occasionally, there are people who write in romaji instead of English, but search engines cannot recognize it correctly, so be sure to write it in English (eg saitekika → optimization).

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