Site renewal textbook (Akira Kondo / Cross Media Publishing (Impress))

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Website renewal is a relatively common project at our company, and this book is perfect for reconsidering its essential value.

The important thing is that just changing the design and atmosphere is not worth it.

Today, corporate sites, e-commerce sites, and all other websites naturally lead to corporate identities.

Site renewal should be used as an opportunity to reconfirm strengths, weaknesses, and the value of the company itself.

However, the reality is that there are not many clients who face renewal with such awareness.

Therefore, as a professional, we would like to work to provide opportunities for people to notice the meaning and value of renewal, rather than simply receiving a request and completing the work.

Please check mainly the parts such as "Are there any missing information elements?", "Are there any deviations from the concept and intention?"Even if the layout has changed from the original design, as long as the promises are kept and the intentions and aims are emphasized, that's the "design job".

When we submit the quotation at the start, we ask for a "buffer budget".In preparation for the unexpected increase in functions or the content increasing significantly, if you pass internal approval including a preliminary budget from the beginning, you will have a degree of freedom in terms of functions etc. It will go up, and if the dream expands, the adjustment stress of the person in charge will be reduced.

You should avoid setting up search fields in ``areas that appear on every page,'' such as headers and footers, without a particular purpose, conventionally, without thinking.The reason is that search is the first tool that users need when they want to find specific information.Some users think that if the search field were always visible, they would be able to search anything on the site.