The Art of Marketing (Daisuke Otobe/Advertising Conference)

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We are a web company, but if we were only doing web, I think we would have collapsed long ago.

The Web is just a tool, and it always has the potential to be replaced by something better in the future. The Web is just a not bad business tool ``for now''.

This book teaches us what a business is all about.I think that the understanding that marketing is "market creation" will be essential recognition for the next 10 or 20 years, no matter what you do and eat.

If you understand that marketing = market creation, the theory that ``business management is marketing itself'' is said to be ``the path to sustainable corporate prosperity is to propose new values ​​and continue to create markets.'' I understand.If a new market is created, it will likely become a system that will eventually sell.

As Theodore Levitt showed, the consumer who buys a drill wants a hole in the wall, not a drill, and they're probably experiencing something good with that hole.That experience is a benefit.

Even now, there is still a perception that marketing is equal to market research, but it is a remnant of this era.In a market environment in which flashy advertisements arouse the "attention" of consumers who are in the "exploring" state on a daily basis and efficiently lead to [interest], the route of Attention → Interest is rational.In today's world where clear dissatisfaction disappears from daily life and consumers are no longer in a state of "exploration", it is becoming increasingly important to propose new standards and challenges for value judgment.