Future WordPress SEO internal countermeasure full course (Ken Takiuchi/Shuwa System)

Cover image of the book Future WordPress SEO Internal Countermeasures Full Course (Ken Takiuchi/Hidewa System)

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If you have already studied WordPress enough, even if you have a general understanding of it, this is a book worth reading again.

Even in the engineering world, it's not uncommon to talk about WordPress again now.

Even just knowing how professional WordPress developers who are still active at the forefront operate it will be useful from today.

1 Use target keywords earlier than 75 characters
2 As a whole, use a maximum of about 85 characters.
Do not copy and paste the text inside the homepage as it is
It is NG to copy and paste some sentences inside the homepage as it is.This is because the description is "a sentence summarizing the contents of the content".Also, like the title, it is forbidden to describe things that are not written inside the content.

What is Keyword Proximity?
・Multiple target keywords should be as close as possible in the text
・Avoid using the same keyword in the same tag as much as possible
・Also make adjustments for the context

・Perform SSL with "Really Simple SSL"
・Perform security with “SiteGuard WP Plugin”
・Backup with "All in ONE WP Migration"
・Use “Invisible reCAPTCHA” to prevent spam for each page
・Compress images with "EWWW Image Optimizer"
・Compress source code with "Autoptimize"