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AuthorizerApproval stamp of new house
NameStart timeEnd timeOperating time
Mutsuhito Shintaku07:3417:4210h8m
Work content
  • Moved direct writing css in calendar plugin to scss file, sass error correction (17)
  • Creating instructions for improving the house cleaner site (19)
  • Reconfirming the outline of the English teaching material sales site, preparing for the meeting (03)

To Do list
  • Product replacement on the Rakuten Ichiba wine sales page (18)
  • How to use the auction site Design and implementation of the page (17)
  • Automotive interior parts supplier WP site development (19)
  • Improvement of house cleaner site (19)
  • Site relocation from Salesforce (17)
  • English teaching material sales site renewal (03)
  • Implemented clipboard JS at work time
  • Implemented difference display library Mergely in English diary
  • Correcting the collapse of the English top page of SP, updating the exhibition page, adjusting the collapse of the installation page
  • Moving and organizing voice blog data
  • Writer portfolio update
  • Unify the presence or absence of the HTML extension of the link URL of the works page

The project, which had been suspended for nearly a year, will be restarted, but the content and progress are completely forgotten. It's a good experience because I've never thought about the impact of a gap during development and the cost.I want to make use of it in the future.

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