Business daily report

AuthorizerApproval stamp of new house
NameStart timeEnd timeOperating time
Mutsuhito Shintaku06:0018:1012h10m
Work content
  • Shopify Gronavi Behavior Adjustment (21)
  • WP account, FTP connection confirmation, site full backup, site speed improvement plan examination (22)
  • Daily accounting work

To Do list
  • New home-visit nursing site LP production (20)
  • Submit an estimate of the cost of each work / Prepare a hearing sheet for service application (21)
  • [Fixed project] Support for repair of WP site for side business (22)
  • English teaching material sales site renewal (03)

Today is the end of the month and I am busy from the morning.The number of business partners and projects has increased with a good feeling, but next month is finally the first settlement of accounts.Many things for the first time, even more busy.

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