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AuthorizerApproval stamp of new house
Name Start time End time Operating time
Mutsuhito Shintaku 06:52 11:10 4h18m
Work content
  • Various project direction
  • Email marketing operation

To Do list
  • Comprehensive Shopify site construction with reservation/cart system
  • Salesforce × ROBOT PAYMENT site renovation
  • Webflow × MemberSpace news site construction
  • Development of automatic generation system from CSV data to HTML/CSS table
  • Production of Matcha sales Shopify cross-border EC site

I don't think the expression "various projects" is too ambiguous, but the days that can only be described as various projects continue.Even if I'm not here for a month or two, I earnestly hope that the company will be able to get things done and monetize, or rather, I'll do that.

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