Services and fees

Short-term / single request:
4,000Yen(tax included)

Short-term / single request:
30 USD per hour (tax included)

We will quote based on this unit price, such as when launching a new website, maintaining an existing website, or renewing to a smartphone compatible site.

Shopify-based online sales siteSHINTAKU.You can see the website production, maintenance / development results, order price, etc. that we have received so far.

We accept any small project from a minimum of 1 hour. (The total work man-hours are calculated in increments of 0.25H (15 minutes))

* If you need to use the WEB server, acquire your own domain, or purchase paid images / illustration materials, you will need to pay the actual cost.

Discount plan 30:
114,000 yen (tax included)

It is a great plan that you can use the work man-hours for 120,000 hours, which is usually 30 yen (tax included), with a 5% discount.The expiration date is 3 months from the contract date and cannot be carried over after the expiration date...You can use it freely for maintenance and renovation.It is a great deal if you entrust the operation and management of a long-term website.

Discount plan 50:
180,000 yen (tax included)

It is a great plan that you can use the work man-hours for 200,000 hours, which is usually 50 yen (tax included), with a 10% discount.The expiration date is 6 months from the contract date and cannot be carried over after the expiration date...You can use it freely for maintenance and renovation.It is a great deal if you entrust the operation and management of a long-term website.

Discount plan 100:
340,000 yen (tax included)

It is a great plan that you can use the work man-hours for 400,000 hours, which is usually 100 yen (tax included), with a 15% discount.The expiration date is one year from the contract date and cannot be carried over after the expiration date...You can use it freely for maintenance and renovation.It is a great deal if you entrust the operation and management of a long-term website.

* For requests using each discount plan, we will basically charge up to 1 hours per month in terms of work man-hours.Please contact us for further requests.

Flat-rate server + maintenance service:
4,000 yen (tax included) per month

It is a reasonable flat-rate service that includes a server usage fee (4,980 yen), which is usually 980 yen (tax included), and one hour's work man-hours (1 yen).Up to 4000 hour a month, you are free to use it for any request, such as website image processing, text replacement, and other minor customizations.

* The contract period starts from one year or more.
* It is not possible to use the flat-rate server alone or the maintenance service alone.
* If you need to move from an existing server or move your own domain / email address, you may need to pay a separate work fee.
* The provided server includes capacity 10GB, high-speed SSD server (nginx), original SSL, original domain / original email address setting (up to 10) and use, and regular full backup.Please contact us for details.

Other web services

New website design / production / proposal

Light blue image icon for new website creation

We provide total support from strategy planning to design, server preparation, and acquisition of your own domain.

Maintenance / renewal of existing website

Light blue image icon for maintenance and renewal of existing websites

We accept orders for EC sites, homepages, blogs, etc. that are already in operation, regardless of industry or use.

Website speedup, load speed improvement

Website speedup, loading speed improvement Light blue image icon for site production

We provide consulting on problems related to the loading speed of websites in operation, proposals for improvement methods, and implementation measures.

SEO measures, SNS operation, e-mail newsletter distribution

Light blue image icon for SNS operation / WEB advertisement operation, e-mail newsletter distribution, access analysis, SEO countermeasure production

We propose measures that lead to sales promotion and attracting customers, such as access analysis of the website you are using, SEO measures, SNS utilization methods, etc.

We will propose from the sales strategy

GK Shintaku cannot create "a website that is useless" or "a website that is useless just by looking".Before making a design proposal, we will first draw out the image that is supposed to be the purpose and goal by hearing, and propose a website that is actually effective and valuable.

Supports overseas expansion and voice reading software

We have abundant experience and knowledge in the production of multilingual sites (English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese, etc.) and accessibility support (optimization for voice reading software), and we will respond flexibly. ..

By building an EC site on Shopify, you can make direct transactions with consumers.

EC site construction by ShopifyWe support individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises regardless of industry. By making the most of Shopify, you can target 77 billion people worldwide, from rural areas to overseas.

An original e-commerce site that maximizes your brand power without relying on systems such as Amazon and RakutenThrough this, we would like to help you to survive the Corona disaster and become the basis of your company's profits.

Shopify EC site construction and operation agency service

With a monthly subscription system with no initial cost, even those who are uneasy about mail order for the first time or companies who do not have the resources to devote to EC site operation can easily and quickly start Internet sales.Clear fee structure at no additional cost,Collective support from scratch to site construction and subsequent operation agency.

 basicRecommended for domestic small businesses and private shops with monthly sales of around 500 millionOUR STANDARDIdeal for overseas businesses with monthly sales of around 500 to 5,000 million and those with sales on expansion routesPremiumFor companies with large-scale sales plans for the world with monthly sales of over 5,000 million
Initial cost0Yen0Yen0Yen
Monthly cost19,800Yen(tax included)34,800Yen(tax included)54,800Yen(tax included)
Shortest delivery time10Sun ~2Week ~1Month ~
EC site construction
Blog function
EC site design-
Operational support
Product data registration agency-
Unlimited number of product registrations
Product image processing support-
Function customization--
Basket drop countermeasure email
Sold in multiple languages-
Credit card transaction
Security measures
SEO measures
SNS cooperation
Cooperation with Amazon and Rakuten
* Assuming a one-year usage contract, it will be automatically renewed thereafter.
* Monthly usage fee includesShopify Official ServiceIncludes monthly usage fee, server usage fee and original domain usage fee.
* A separate actual cost is required when installing paid applications or using paid images / illustrations.

1 month defect warranty service

At GK Shintaku, if a defect or defect is discovered after delivery,Free support for one month from the delivery completion dateI will do it.There is no additional cost, and it will be automatically applied to all requests.

Please note that the warranty does not cover the following cases.

  • Problems due to updates of OS, browser, CMS, plug-ins, libraries, frameworks, etc.
  • Events that exceed the content of the request or are due to unexpected usage
  • Other general errors not caused by our work

Estimate example

Some of the website production, maintenance / development results, and order prices that we have worked on so far are as follows.Shopify-based online sales site "SHINTAKU."You can see at.

  • General website: 320,000 yen ~ (80 hours of work)
  • Renewal of existing website: 240,000 yen ~ (60 hours of work)
  • Website loading speed improvement: 40,000 yen ~ (10 hours of work)
  • SEO measures such as high-ranking display with specific keywords: 120,000 yen ~ (work man-hours 30 hours ~)
  • Measures to increase access analysis and CV (conversion): 80,000 yen ~ (20 hours of work)
  • Maintenance / repair of websites that are already in operation: 4,000 yen ~ (1 hour of work man-hours ~)

The above is just an example.It may vary significantly depending on the scale and operation method. Online consultations such as LINE and email are free of charge.Please feel free to contact us first.

This is a blog post about the idea of ​​quoting by GK Shintaku.I would appreciate it if you could refer to it.
"About WEB design estimate"

* When a contract is concluded, a half-price will be charged as a starting fee.
* All prices are subject to revision without notice.

PayPal payment

The following payment methods such as bank transfer and credit card can be used for payment.

List of available credit cards, banks and other financial institutions

* If you use a credit card, the total payment amount3.6% + 40 yenFee will be added.

    Please feel free to contact us regarding budget and delivery date.

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